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Category: Software development

Closer look at signed and unsigned integers in C signed vs unsigned

Содержание Checking integer limits before converting Examples to Implement Unsigned Int in C Unsigned Integers Additional rules Thus it’s implementation defined whether inthas a larger bit width than unsigned short, and by extension it’s implementation defined whetherunsigned shortwill be promoted to typeint. The standard does effectively How to Use Jupyter Notebook in 2020: A Beginners […]

Agile vs Waterfall What Methodology Should You Use For Your Project?

Contents Core Principles Of Waterfall What is the Waterfall Methodology? What makes Scrum unique Agile & DevOps Choosing the right methodology for your software development project ultimately depends on your goals and your organization’s preferred approach. Some tasks require a hammer, others require a screwdriver, others require something totally different. However, before you jump in, […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Accepting Cryptocurrency As Payment

Содержание Building A Cleaner Future Developer Community Building Start An Nft Youtube Channel Crypto Networks And Why They Matter For A Deep Dive Into Various Security Issues In Contemporary Systems Should Esg Investors Own Cryptocurrency? Offer Freelance Services To Nft Companies The Growing Popularity Of Cryptocurrency Has Created A New Wrinkle For Investors The total […]

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Key Fundamental Roles in a Software Development Team

Content Traditional team Engineering Manager How Can Someone Become a Software Developer? Kickstart your career in law by building a solid foundation with these relevant free courses. How Many Roles Are There in a Software Development Team? The Timeframes Hire a Software Developer from Full Scale Accounting Software Advantages For Startups Business in 2022 A […]

10 Things Making Outstaffed Developers Worth Hiring

Содержание Things Making Outstaffed Developers Worth Hiring Dedicated Ad Management Team What Is It Outsourcing? dedicated Team When To Choose Outstaff Or Outsource Can I Hire One Developer, Or Do I Need To Hire The Whole Team? The Place Of Instagram In Us Social Commerce Sales How To Drive Sales On Instagram Software development is […]